Steering group

We currently have 9 Steering Group Members who meet once a month. The Steering Group Members look at what is happening nationally and locally and work hard together to try and ensure that any changes will result in positive outcomes for our children. We also put together information to send out to our members to make sure that they are kept abreast of things that are going on and ways that they can get involved if they want to. We also plan free Events for our members where you can get the chance to come along and meet fellow parents, find out about local services and have a say about things that are effecting your family.

Steering Group Members

Chairperson - Carole Brierley

Acting Secretary -  Suzannah Jones

Treasurer -     Tamzen Pugh

School Liaison - Helen Baker

Member -        Trina Brooks

Member -        Sally Furze

Member -        Jackie King




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