This page shows all of the Health related workstreams we are currently involved in and have been involved in in the past. Each section includes links to relevant event and survey reports under each heading.

Annual Healthchecks survey

We undertook this exercise in order to map the offer being made by GP surgeries across Torbay to people with learning disabilities in a timely manner for transition to adult service and provide the CCG with statistics for future provision.

CAMHS - Influencing the development of CAMHS

This is ongoing at present - building upon consultation with young people about access, experiences and what young people expect/want from the service, CAMHS has broadened this by asking parents/carers similar questions, and by our recent event 'Influencing Health Services' March 2015.

CCG Peadiatrics

We attend CCG Peadiatrics meetings. Compiling overview notes of these meetings is a current work in progress, but all we currently have to report is that anything that has come up in these meetings and required to be disseminated more widely has been done via our Bulletins and e-updates.

CCG - recommissioning

We sit on the CCG recommissioning participation meetings. In line with the Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) contracts for future services for both public health (inc. health visitors, school nurses etc.) and children's integrated therapies (inc. Speech & Language therapy, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy etc.) are currently up for tender. 

The re-procurement of services for children and young people in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay is underway. Details about how people’s feedback has influenced the process so far is here. Parents are involved in the formal process and Living Options Devon is facilitating the involvement of children and young people.

Enteral Feeding System Survey

We undertook meetings and a survey with CCG and Hospital Trust members to look at the last re-tendering process for the supplier for all equipment and products. 


We undertook events and surveys amongst our members and were involved in the tender process for the current service contract. The current contract for this service started April 1st. It covers the four counties of Cornwall Devon, Dorset & Somerset and is for the full 5 years.Below are all of our previous continence related event and meeting reports. It is envisaged that we will be involved in a further survey to monitor and review this contract in due course and we already have a willing volunteer member to assist in this task as soon as it is requested.


Below are links to other events that we have run that have been more general in nature and included health services in one way or another

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