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Test  picThe Torbay Parent Carer Forum (PCF) is run by a group of volunteer parent/carers and we were first established in February 2009 as part of the Government programme ‘Aiming High for Disabled Children’. The programme was designed to support parent/carers to have a voice in how services for disabled children were shaped and delivered locally.

With over 400 PCF members we have certainly achieved a “voice” within the Local Authority and Health and our opinion is regularly sought. We provide PCF Representatives to sit on a wide range of steering groups and working parties and we also regularly consult with PPF Members at PCF Events.

Across the country every Local Authority has a Parent Carer Forum. Representatives from each forum meet Regionally and Nationally at various times throughout the year. Each region has an elected member who sits on the National Network of Parent Carer Forum (NNPCF).

Torbay PCF is now a subsidiary of Torbay SEND HUB CIC  (Community Interest Company) Company Number: 11474987

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